How 1LimX encrypts a file
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What is 1LimX?
1LimX is an offline cross-platform application aimed to to provide a information manager such as files, images, passwords, credentials, secure notes, ...
The types of data we do not collect
  1. Master password, master key.
  2. Payment information (such as bank account information, receipts, transactions).
  3. The data you entered into 1LimX (such as logins, credentials, backup files, etc.).
  4. The encrypted data of your raw data generated by 1LimX.
  5. Private information in your devices (such as device models).
The types of data we obtain and how we use them
  1. Email address.
  2. License key.
We only obtain them if you decide to upgrade to premium. If not we obtain nothing from you.
We use the email address to check your premium status if you use 1LimX in multiple devices/platforms and send you license key.
Using 3rd party cloud storage synchronization
When using a cloud storage synchronization method outside of 1LimX, no user-specific information is requested or stored. Any data entered by the user in any of the 1LimX applications is kept in that application and not transferred from the user’s device. Contents in the synchronization data is always encrypted using their secret and offline master password and master key before being stored in a user-chosen synchronization service.
1LimX’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
1LimX use the industry 256-bit encryption, chosen by Google, ChaCha20-Poly1305 and a system architecture that guarantees the highest levels of security and privacy by adhering to the following principles:
  1. The application can be used without an internet connection from setting up master password to everything else
  2. Data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level
  3. Two layers of user's private master password and master key encryption
  4. Encrypted and unencrypted data stored on user's device never leaves user's device.
  5. User's private master password and master key also never leave user's device. If user's device system has a secure storage it'll stay there(iOS, macOS use Keychain, Android uses encrypted Shared Preferences, Windows uses Credential Vault, Linux uses Secret Service API/libsecret), if not only encrypted version of master key is stored and you must remember the master password.
  6. The unique master key ensures the maximum security of your encrypted data since user's master password is only plain text
  7. Moving encrypted data between user's devices can be done also without an internet connection:
    • iOS application: with the help of a desktop computer: on Windows use iTunes, on MacOS use Finder
    • Android application: copying and pasting between desktop computer and Android 1LimX dedicated folder
    • Desktop application: copying and pasting between desktop computer 1LimX dedicated folder