How 1LimX encrypts a file
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The Master Password, Master Key
The password and key known only to you, are used to encrypt your data all offline with the industry 256-bit encryption, chosen by Google - ChaCha20-Poly1305.
“A tool well-fitted for data protection duties”
Robert Condorache from Softpedia
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Secure & Private
Everything from setting up your master password, master key to encrypting and storing your data happens on your device, offline, and is accessible only by you.
Multiple Data Types & Fast
Text, rich text, image, file, date, time, 2FA (two factor authentication),... supported. Gigabytes of data encryption done in seconds because everything is happening offline on your device.
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Not just encryption
1LimX is not just an encrypted data or password keeper. It also supports:
Autofill (on mobile)
Auto backup
Password generator
Custom text, files encryption
Extracting text, date, time from your phone, camera taken or library image and fill in multiple item fields at once (on mobile)
Turn all data, files into 1 single sharable encrypted backup file and preview or restore encrypted data in it on other devices with 1LimX installed there in really fast time
Many more...
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no credit card or sign up required and enjoy unlimited items, unlimited item custom fields, unlimited file, image attachments in items and more for free. Learn more: features and FAQs.
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